Direct Mail Services

Complete Mail Services

  • Mail Piece Design

    Mail Works offers the complete mail design service. We will help you with the design of the mail piece or design work for you. Setting up that mail piece correctly can be a big cost savings to your postage budget. It is not just size, where is the fold, how is the address positioned, and a multitude postal requirements designed to maximize USPS mail processing efficiencies…

    Simplicity and savings are our priorities to our clients.

  • Database Management

    Mail Works offers complete mailing services. We maintain databases as well as NCOA and CASS Certify data files for our customers. We are able to quickly and accurately combine by merging and or extract duplicates from purchased and customer lists.

    Data is the strength of your mailing campaign. We can use your customer database to model and find like customers, provide customized targeted lists with the strongest databases available.

  • Amyed Mailings

    Amying is important. If it’s date sensitive, or just because you need to know when they are going to be delivered so you can staff accordingly.

    Mail Works can closely control in home dates and maximize postage savings. We will ship your mail to the postal entry unit closest to the mailing destination to better control delivery times and reduce postage costs.

  • Matched Mailings

    That personalized touch that increases the impact of your marketing efforts. It has been documented that personalizing greatly increases response. Mail Works can give your letters the personal touch that gets the extra attention needed to make the sale, or make your case. Keeping the customer is engaged is the key to improving your chances of successfully communicating your offer and creating a need.

  • Fulfillment

    Sometimes you want or need something extra going to the client. A sample for that over the top marketing piece. Again, it’s personalize and engage the customer. Do this and watch your response rates go up dramatically. Mail Works takes precaution to handle this work the same care and efficiency as all mailings.

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Specialized Mail Services

  • Preprinted or Variable Data

    Preprinted data may seem hard to handle when trying into get the those mailers to the customers, but that is not a problem. Mail Works can handle and project that you need. When clients already have the letters printed before sending them to us we can still give the address labeling the personal feel without having to use the windowed mailings. Our automation system will scan the letters an put the corresponding addresses on the outside of the letters so that you can give customers that personal touch to your mailings.

  • Barcode Print & Collection

    Mail Works offers customers a chance print unique barcode(s) for the purpose of order tracking, and history development. Collecting information for your mail piece allows the client to track its mail services success, test and analyze data, or to simply see who responded to your offer.

    Imagine not having a point of sale system, but having the ability to create a customer database just by scanning your coupons that come into the store.

  • Stamp Application

    Applying stamps to mail pieces is tedious work. When sending out large quantities of letters think of Mail Works II, our automated equipment will make quick work of the task and address you letters at the same time.

  • Labeling

    There is no other business that is quite like yours. So in order to do a mailing for your customers we strive to give each business unique and specialized service. Our labeling process can adjusted to meet the needs of our clients so that they have their very own information printed onto the mailings.

  • Poly Bag Mailing

    These mailings allow companies to send a promotional bag addressed directly to the customer. If you need to send a promotional item to a customer and want to have your company name printed on the outside of the package so that the customers knows exactly who its coming from, our Poly Bag Mailing process allows you to do exactly that.

  • Results Tracking

    Ever wonder how your letters go through the mail or what post offices they are being processed through? Well through our result tracking program it allows our clients to see exactly where their mailers or packages are being sent and when they arrive to the customer. We use a barcode system that allows the client to view all steps of the mailing process so that they are aware of what is going on.

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Automated Mail Services

  • High Speed Inkjet Addressing

    Inkjet Printing is on type of ditigital printing that we offer it allow us to quickly process orders. By digitally printing the address labels using Inkjet printing it reduces the risk of ink smears and it speeds up the printing process and allows us to fulfill orders more efficently and effectively.

  • Variable Data & Graphics

    You only have seconds to get the attention of your customer. Variable data and variable graphics will increase the impact of your message. The objective is to get their attention, keep their attention, and with the right offer you can create enough interest for you to make the sale.

  • Intelligent Inserting

    Automation is becoming a key factor in the mailing world and by using artificial intelligence it allow for mailers to process much more quickly. Our automation system has intelligent inserting capabilities so that letters or whatever else needs to be inserted into your envelopes can be done automatically even if there are multiple objects being inserted. The benefits of our automation services is that our cost reduction goes directly to our clients and allows them to save money as well.

  • Automated Flat Inserting

    Through automation time can be reduced and fewer mistakes are likely to be made. Through our automated flat inserting we can provide clients with a quick turn around and get the mailings or packages out much quicker.

    Our flat inserting process will allow us to cut print and process your mailers all at once. So no matter if you a single mailing that needs to go out or multiple sheets with multiple colors it will be able to print, cut and separate all in one smooth motion.

  • Automated Letter Inserting

    Letter Inserting use to be a tedious process and expensive because it used to require the hiring of several employees to get the letters inserted to the envelopes. Now that automation has become more inexpensive and can quickly be adjusted our letter inserting process is fast reliable and can quickly get your orders sent through the mail.

  • Digital Printing

    Its seems as if everything in the world is going digital. In fact digital printing has been one of the first to do this. Digital printing allows users to print in high volume at quick speeds. When trying to get mailings out as quickly as possible it is necessary for your printing quick as well. It also provide users better quality and more crisp images because the traditional printing uses printing plates that can get scratched or blotchy.

  • Statement Processing

    Our statement processing system will make sure all the bills are going to the right place and printed in a timely manner so that clients can receive feedback quickly. Through the use of our database management system our clients can input and record the information needed to the printing of the statements and the clearly address the labels. This allows us to reduce the mistakes and having more accurate statements printed out.

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